MLB World Series: Astros win 4 – 2

The Houston Astros have claimed their second World Series title by beating the Philadelphia Phillies 4 – 2 at home in Houston.

Five years, it’s been five whole years since the Astros have won the Series and a much longer stretch since they even got to the final few rounds.

There were impressive feats from the likes of Framber Valdez, managing to pitch 6 whole innings on one-run ball or the 450-yard smash from Yordan Alvarez or even the incredible catch from Kyle Tucker which sent Castellanos to the dugout and the crowds rushing on to the field to celebrate the Astros win.

The Phillies had already won the World Series twice in their history (1980 / 2008) and getting to a third was going to be a tough. The Astros had something to prove and it looks like they did.

GAME 1 last Friday night was particularly nail-biting with the Phillies managing to beat the Astros 6 – 5. Astros then bounced back on Saturday with a 5 – 2 win in GAME 2 against the Phillies.

Tuesday evening came and the Phillies were back on top with a dominant 7 – 0 win in GAME 3. Kyle Schwarber and Brandon Marsh making up 2 of the homers gained during the game. Things were looking good and then Wednesday came.

GAME 4 is when the Astros managed to even the series. Some excellent pitching ensured Phillies were hitless throughout 8 innings. Astros walked away with a 5 – 0 victory and the nail biting truly began. GAME 5 dropped and the Astros landed a 3 – 2 win and the pressure grew on Phillies to square the game.

That brings us to GAME 6 and Astros second World Series win on Saturday night.

Credit: MLB

That’s another season of the Major League Baseball struck out but it’s all starting again in February with the beginning of Spring Training.

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Posted on: 07 Nov 2022