Patrice Bergeron: ‘the Perfect Player’?

Just days after his 38th birthday, Patrice Bergeron says goodbye to an incredible career with Boston Bruins and representing Canada.

NHL Arbitration: Time to Change?

‘Final Offer’ or ‘Split the Difference’? One NHL commentator reckons the NHL should adopt baseball-style arbitration, but is it worth it?

Are afternoon NHL games here to stay?

Over a quarter of NHL games next season will be in the afternoon before 7PM. Some teams have as many as 18 of them. Find out more.

How do Maple Leafs hit the cap?

Toronto Maple Leafs are projected to be $8.83M over next season’s NHL salary cap. Can they comply? Will the Matthews – Nylander negotiations drag it out?

Is a rebuild looming for Flames?

Will Calgary Flames be forced to rebuild if Hanifin, Backlund and Lindholm don’t extend? Let’s find out.

Could the Whalers return?

The Hartford Governor wants to being the Hartford Whalers back, but is he biting off more than he can chew?

Banning ‘caused based’ jerseys?

The NHL is banning players from wearing ‘caused based’ jerseys during warmups because of the row last season. Why and what happens next?

Another Gretzky Record?

Wayne Gretzky’s New York Rangers jersey went under the hammer and is now third most expensive NHL jersey sold at auction. Find out more…

Does Matthews hold all the cards?

Auston Matthews has a big decision to make on July 1st. Sign an extension with Toronto Maple Leafs or not? What’s the impact of the former?

Senators new owner is?

Ottawa Senators have a new owner and it’s not Snoop Dogg or Ryan Reynolds and their investment groups. So who is it?