Pistons vs Raptors: The shorthand covered

A short-handed Toronto Raptors were able to secure a very close lead against the Detroit Pistons last night. It was also an impressive night for Dalano Banton and Chris Boucher.  

Both teams walked into last night’s game with the expectation of it being a close match up. However, with the absence of point-guard, Fred VanFleet, it looked like the chances of Pistons securing the win were growing, even if only slightly.

The past 4 match ups going as far back as March last year, had seen the Pistons drive home a win but by a margin of anything from 2 and 16 points.    

Likewise, Pistons are fighting to stay in the competition with only 3 wins in 14 games since the season started. Last night would be their 12 loss, but it was close.

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The game

The First Quarter started slowly with Pistons giving as good the Raptors would dish out and by the time the Second Quarter took off, the Raptors were warmed up and hooping the points. The pride of Toronto were managing to keep a gap of around 7 points clear of their hosts.

Mid-way through the Third Quarter was when it looked clear that the gap was increasing to 13 and 14 at some points. It was clear that the absence of VanFleet was being bridged by the excellent work of Dalano Banton, aided by Chris Boucher.

The fourth and final Quarter arrived and it looked like Raptors were starting to slow down and the Pistons were slowly edging closer and closer on their impressive lead.

The game reached it’s nail biting cresendo when the score line hit 95 Pistons – 96 Raptors. 

It turned into a heart thumping race to the finish as both teams rushed to top eachother. By the final whistle, it was Raptors’ 115 – Pistons 111.

Banton & Boucher

This was arguably Dalano Banton’s best performance since joining the Raptors. He managed to rack up 27 points which included 4 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 9 Field Goals Made and 16 attempted.

Likewise, Boucher managed 20 points with 4 Rebounds, 1 Assist, 7 Field Goals made and 12 attempts.

Who’s next?

Toronto Raptors host Miami Heat in their second meeting of the season. Pistons will face Los Angeles Clippers, another close game.

Posted on: 15 Nov 2022