Flames vs Kings: Close right to the end

Finally, a game which Calgary Flames can celebrate about and a dent in the confidence of the 2nd in the Western Conference, Calgary Flames 6 – 5. It was a close one!

Came out swinging

No sooner than the game started, the First Period offensive kicked in. Calgary drew the first blood on the ice with a biscuit in the basket within the first 5 minutes.

An excellent assist from Andersson and Hanifin, delivered the puck to Huberdeau and he smashed it passed it the King’s Durzi, Roy and Quick to make it 1 – 0.

But almost a minute later and a Power Play from the Kings’ Kaliyev, helped deliver the equaliser past Markstrom. Kaliyev came back for another try and sent the puck past the Flames’ goalie to take the Kings ahead.

Something switched on in Flames and the run up to the end of period saw Mangiapane, Ritchie and Toffoli assert their intention to win, bringing the game to 4 – 2. The crowd were particularly nervous when the Flames lost the puck and Mangiapane quickly recovered to score.

That Ritchie goal though… he was not stopping. He stole the puck from Edler when it was passed back to the defensive line and skated from right to centre to sweep it under Quick’s legs, giving Flames the lead.   

Where was King’s defence? The 4th goal came from some lovely two-play between Lindholm and Toffoli which knotted the puck across Elder and under Quick.

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Slow 2nd

The Second Period was clearly delivered with a dramatic team talk for the Flames and some navel gazing for Kings.

What’s key about the 2nd though is that Kings’ defence switched on kept the Flames’ offense at bay, even if it meant an initial Power Play from Lindholm in the first 2 minutes and a final smack from Ruzicka in the 16th.

Fiala did manage to deliver a goal to mount a counter attack for the Kings.

The Kings counter-attack

The Third Period was a slog for both teams but it looked like Flames’ offense was running out of steam or they were happy with their lead.

Regardless, the counter-attack arrived from the Kings and Kopitar was able to deliver the team’s 4th goal. Aided by Doughty and Walker skating circles around Flames’ defence, Kopitar could find the window and he took the shot to make it 4 for Kings.

Perhaps Flames were lucky that the last goal of the game came so late in the game. Kempe was able to deliver the 5th for Kings off the back of a cross from Tanev.

Calgary Flames 6 – Los Angeles Kings 5

Flames won but it was close right up to the final minutes. They go on to face Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday. The game signals the end of the Kings’ win streak and a very tough game coming up with the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday.

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Posted on: 15 Nov 2022