NHL: Leafs can Canucks 3 – 2

You couldn’t believe your eyes then it seemed too good to be true. We’re of course talking about last weekend’s Vancouver Canucks vs Toronto Maple Leafs game. Canucks got Canned and Leafs swept up the win.

Canucks dominated the First period with two impressive goals. Horvat (assisted by Schenn and Podkolzin) opened the scoreboard in the first 5 minutes (3:41), shooting for goal from just outside the Maple Leafs’ blue line.

The second was delivered off a Power Play from Miller (assisted by Hughes and Boeser), which exploded into the net at 12:11.

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Then things changed…

The ice was broken on the Second Period and that impressive 2 goal lead turned into mist before the Canucks’ very eyes.

No sooner than the period kicked in, Maple Leafs were on the offensive and managed to curl the puck into position for Auston Matthews to smash it into Canucks’ net (assisted by Marner and Tavares).

Almost 5 minutes later and Engvall was tapping the puck through a swarm of Leafs and Canucks bodies and into the net (assisted by Jarnkrok and Giordano).

It was Benn’s turn at the 10 minute mark, with a pass from the right, lining up Benn for the nutmeg between Martin’s legs.

That pretty much sewed up the game, with the third period coming and agonizingly going for the Canucks.

Multi-goal collapse

Unfortunately it’s becoming a trend for the Canucks, where they’re facing the multi-goal collapse.    

Asked about this Canucks trend, their coach Bruce Boudreau said, “We stopped playing … I mean, it happens every game. There’s a 10-minute lull or a 10-minute something. The game before, it was the first 10 minutes in Montreal, the game before that was in Ottawa but we recovered. Tonight, the middle 10 minutes, I don’t know. They get the momentum and we sort of stopped playing.”

Final score Toronto Maple Leafs 3 – Vancouver Canucks 2

Canucks now sit 14th, 2 from the bottom of the Western Conference, with 11 points. Maple Leafs sit 5th in Eastern Conference with 19 points and in a strong position at 2nd in the Atlantic Division.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Did you know that three veteran Canucks are being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday?

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Posted on: 14 Nov 2022