Oilers vs Knights: McDavid saves the game

It was a classic slice of McDavid magic which helped slide the Edmonton Oilers past the Las Vegas Golden Knights in Overtime last weekend.

It’s OK, breathe

Before these teams met, Oilers were already a 4 – 0 win over the Knights back in April but Saturday’s game was a close one. Something serious has been up about the Oiler’s form in the past few games and it was going to be tough going up the top of the Western Conference.

Knights hadn’t been doing much better really with losses against the St Louis Blues and the San Jose Sharks and a confidence booster against the Arizona Coyotes on the prior Thursday.

Saturday night was going to be a crucial game for both teams.

First Period

Less than 2 minutes into the game and the Oilers were delivering the biscuit to the Knight’s basket. Foegele, assisted from Nugent-Hopkins and Murray. The Knight’s defence was tight around the goal but a pass from Murray to Nugent-Hopkins and then a chip to Foegele to beat Hill in goals.

The period bumped along with little action until Koelsar managed to make it 1 – 1 with support from Howden and a smash from Theodore. Howden dug the puck out of the scrum in the Oiler’s half, delivering it back to the waiting stick of Theodore, who launched it at Skinner. The power of the shot just glanced Koelsar’s stick and smacked off Bouchard and into the net.

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Second Period

The Second Period saw both teams dig in tight but it was a penalty taken by Stone which helped the Knights take the lead. Cursing themselves, the Oilers managed to find their route into the Knight’s goal during the mid-way point.

Boy was it some incredible one-two play. Nugent Hopkins passed to Nurse on the left and a cross-ice to Draisaiti on the right, put the Knights on alert. Draisaiti took a moment to weigh up the shot and then plunged the puck past Hill to make it 2 – 2.

Third Period

No more messing around. It got super tense when the Third period rolled around. Oilers’ Hyman managed to snatch the lead with a power-play thanks to assistance from McDavid and Nugent Hopkins.

Shots were attempted but nothing would get past until the Knight’s captain managed to equalise again. It was nice bit of pass and shoot as Theodore placed the puck in the centre for Stone to smash it past lone defender Murray and past Skinner.

Crunch time

Nails were biting as we entered the Overtime period but it was some excellent skill from McDavid which helped Oilers wipe their brows and collect the lead. Nurse made the pass to McDavid from the mid-way point and he curled round the defence to slam the puck under Hill’s legs.

There were some close exchanges in the final minutes but it was Oilers who won out.

Edmonton Oilers 4 – 3 Vegas Golden Knights

Edmonton Oilers go on to face the powerhouse of the New Jersey Devils and Vegas Golden Knights will face Vancouver Canucks.

Posted on: 21 Nov 2022