How much is Canada’s team worth?

Canada’s national soccer team has an estimated total transfer value of $266M CAD (€193M) according to a recent assessment.

Findings presented by the CIES Football Observatory show (as of 14th November) the total value of the players within Canada’s national squad competing in the World Cup, is just $2M CAD ($268M – €195M) shy of the Mexico team.

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That’s also $237M (€172M) less than the total transfer value of the players in the USA squad. The USA squad is worth just over half a billion dollars.

(It’s important to note that Senegal’s value will be less following the absence of Sadio Mane from the team, just days before the World Cup.)

Alphonso Davies

The data also reports that Canada’s most expensive player in the team is Bayern Munich Forward, Alphonso Davies, valued at $93.6M (€68M). That puts his value within the mean bracket of players which also includes the likes of Thibault Courtois $90.8M (€66M) and Robert Lewandowski $81.2M (€59M).

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England tops the table with $2BN

The data also states that England has the most expensive team at the World Cup.

The England team is estimated to have a value of just over $2BN (€1.5BN). That also includes the England star Jude Bellingham, with a transfer value of $278M (€202M). That also makes him the most expensive player in Qatar.

That’s followed by Brazil $1.99BN (€1.46BN), France $1.84BN (€1.34BN), Spain $1.6BN (€1.2BN), Portugal $1.59BN (€1.15BN) and Germany $1.40BN (€1.02BN).

Among the players in those top 5 are France and PSG player Kylian Mbappe $254M (€185M) and Ruben Dias $163M (€118M).

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Posted on: 22 Nov 2022